Quickcut PRO is our premium software solution for advertisers.

Quickcut LITE is our all in one software package for PDF validation and delivery.

Need to send an ad now? Quicksend – our online service for checking, fixing and delivery of PDF ads.

Quickcut PRO includes both QuickPrint and PageStore software.

Quickcut LITE is a total solution – providing extensive PDF checking, fixing and single click file delivery using QuickPrint.

Welcome to the simple, fast way to send ad files with less faults.

QuickPrint performs over 290 checks on every PDF to ensure that your ad matches the specification of the destination. It includes plug-ins for InDesign and QuarkXPress.

Irrespective of how you created the PDF, QuickPrint will verify that the file exactly matches all of the Publisher’s specifications prior to upload.

Free and instant registration makes Quicksend the perfect web-based solution for casual advertisers. Simply register, input your booking details and upload your PDF. The file is then validated, optimised and delivered.

Quickcut PRO is recommended for high volume senders of more than 10 ads per month. Accounts are invoiced monthly.

Quickcut LITE is recommended for medium volume senders, dispatching approximately 5-10 ads per month. Payment is processed monthly via a credit card debit account.

Quicksend is the fastest and easiest way for casual advertisers to check, fix and deliver an ad. It can be used with all modern browsers and requires a one off fee per file via web-based credit card payment.

PageStore links advertising agencies, designers, publishers, media owners and printers so that all parties can quickly despatch, receive and track an advertiser’s file. It is a powerful delivery engine with real-time tracking capabilities and file management interface.

Quicksend is recommended for users sending 1-5 ads per month.