The Evolution


Telstra sells majority shareholding in Adstream Australia. The company remains in Australian hands, majority owned by Paul Ramsay Holdings.


Adstream launches Medialink, which integrates the Quickcut system into publisher booking systems, reducing potential for error and further streamlining print validation and distribution processes.

September saw the launch of Adstream4 – delivering advanced new features and increasing the power of the toolset for our customers. For the first time Adstream enabled easy and secure sharing of files to empower the whole agency and exploit the powerful new platform.

Revenues from Adstream’s products jumped to more than $60 million.

Adstream opens offices in New York, Miami and Chicago to service USA clients.


Latin America is added to the network.

Adstream continues to expand to Europe with France, Spain, Greece, Netherlands and Hungary opening.


Acquired rights to workflow product and increased offerings to brands.

Expansion into Europe in Germany, Italy and the Nordic region.

Adstream Australia partners with Red Bee Media to deliver integrated closed captioning and distribution services.

Adstream Australia acquires exclusive global rights to represent the extensive range of advertising workflow products created by Australian based company, Automaton.


Adstream acquires developer of leading edge print software solutions, DevZeroG and takes nVerge to market. nVerge is a powerful file transfer technology ideally suited to global advertisers.

Adstream Holdings acquires The Traffic Bureau, the UK’s leading outsourced traffic management company.

Following a strategic review, Adstream moved aggressively to expand presence in Europe and to develop workflow and versioning services.


Adstream product revenue grows globally, achieving in excess of $30 million per year.

Adstream expands, opening offices in the United States, Germany, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Adstream acquires the world’ s leading print validation and delivery company, Quickcut.


Adstream launches its own digital radio distribution service, which is integrated into the core broadcast platform.

Telstra, Australia’s leading telecommunications company, takes a stake in Adstream Australia.


The AdBank is launched, providing customers with web-based access to TVCs and related material stored securely in the Adstream system.

Adstream wins the competitive tender to provide a mission critical approval system for the UK based Broadcast Advertising Clearance Centre (BACC).

Adstream UK opened the doors of its London office in Soho.

The first ever TV commercial sent via Adstream’s digital delivery aired on Channel 7 Sydney.


Adstream Australia is created in Sydney by three founders – James Carpenter, Gerard Barron and Richard Carter.

The Company


Adstream has developed powerful solutions that streamline campaign processes every step of the way.

Adstream solutions add value from the moment a client briefs out a campaign, through the many creative iterations to production and final approval. Our technical systems then take over to streamline validation and subsequent distribution to media owners.

We deliver these services in two ways.

Firstly, through powerful applications accessed by intuitive user interfaces.

Secondly through a team of dedicated staff backing these services 24/7. There are 75 of us in Australia and New Zealand. Our enthusiasm is matched by cross media and workflow expertise. We know how to make sure your campaigns appear exactly as required by the media. And we are keen trouble shooters too. Because if things do go pear shaped we are at our best. Our aim and our passion, has always been to put valuable hours back into your day to spend more time thinking creatively and acting competitively.