Edit Suite

We are not creative editors, we are technical editors. We can do revisions, cutdowns, add supers and restripe. We do all the stuff that post houses don’t like doing, like fixing frames, up-converting content and doing conversions.

It’s good for international work that needs repurposing and overspill from Post Houses. We have been working on Commonwealth Bank, EA Games and Lego for the last year.

The fully-equipped Edit Suite is based here, in our office. It’s basically a cost-effective one-stop shop for TVCs that have already been creatively produced, but need revisions, cut downs and distribution.


  • Audio restripes
  • Gamut error corrections
  • Audio corrections ‘Top and Tail’
  • ID board creation
  • Transfers and Compiles for Tape & Non Tape including DVD authoring / CD Rom / MPEG1 / MPEG2 / Jpegs / Quicktime / WMV / AVI / Flash files and Targa Sequence
  • Standards Conversion
  • Aspect Ratio Conversion
  • FTP uploads and downloads
  • Bulk DVD / CD Rom replication
  • We can receive HDV and HDCam
  • Script creation
  • Offline editing
  • Final Cut online
  • Localising overseas material